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MOUNTING OPTIONS: Magnetic Mount or Window Mount

Installs in seconds! Place your CABBIE on top of any vehicle rooftop and plug the sign into any standard lighter adapter.

SoftShoe neo-magnet covers are made of premium grade rubber-soft vinyl that is designed to fit exclusively on a 3-inch diameter neodymium magnet only from Cassel Promotion. In addition to being safe for a vehicle's finish the neo-magnets are lighter and nearly twice as powerful as standard RB-80 powder coated magnets still in use today.


Cassel Promotions / OTHER
Neodymium Magnet
with SoftShoe Cover

Pull Strength:
30 lbs.

with SoftShoe Cover
VS. Single RB-80 "Rubber" Coated Magnet.

Pull Strength:
13 lbs.

with no cover


Advantages of using SoftShoe Neodymium (exclusively from Cassel Promotions) Magnets vs. using RB-80 "Rubber" Coated magnets:

  • SoftShoe covered neo- magnets will not mark your car. Powder coated magnets tend to leave black streaks.
  • SoftShoe magnet covers are extremely durable made from a surgical grade rubber,.
  • SoftShoe magnet covers generate a slip-resistant surface rain or shine. This you can't get from powder coated magnets
  • In most cases, SoftShoe covers last 2-3 years.Replacement SoftShoe covers are available only from Cassel Promotions for $1.25 each.

Recommended Speed for Use:

(not for use in strong wind conditions)
*Cassel Promotions/Autosox USA is not responsible for the use of this product.

NOTE: magnetic mount not for use on aluminum topped vehicles ie. Saturn or vinyl rooftops.

This PATENTED system Installs in Minutes. Roll PASSENGER SIDE window 1/3 of the way down. Place the padded groove into the window and secure suction cups to window. Plug the sign into any standard lighter adapter.

SureGRIP Window Mount features a rubber coated see-through mount to provide maximum stability and driver visiblity

Recommended Speed for Use:

(not for use in strong wind conditions)

Patent No. 5,692,331

  • Replaceable foam padded grooves will not damage your drivers windows.
  • Great alternative when magentic mount is not an option; such as aluminum topped cars, jeeps, convertibles, and luggage-racks.
  • Use with most any vehicle.
  • 8 Locking Points allow for perfect sign alignment on any vehicle.
Magnetic Mount or Window Mount




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