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Cassel Promotions will prepare your artwork for the best performance: The below information explains the CABBIE design process.

Customer artwork submitted

Submit Your Artwork

Cassel Promotions recommends you send the best quality artwork you have. We request digital vector artwork [click here for digital artwork requirements] but our designers are trained to use any media to ship you the best possible product.

Images are traced by hand

Digitizing Bitmapped Images

Bitmaps are images composed of many many very small pixels. Common Bitmap files have the extension of GIF, TIF, JPG, BMP, and sometimes PSD or EPS. Bitmaps also result when FAXES, PHOTOGRAPHS, or other printed documents are scanned.

The speedy designers at Cassel Promotions will take any printed, or bitmapped image you submit and convert it to vector graphics. We can then send you your digitized logo for use in other applications. (upon request only)

Objects are prepared for Layout

Convert to Vector Graphics

What are vector graphics and why are they important?

Vector graphics are composed of infinitely small nodes that control the shapes and angles of lines. Unlike Bitmaps, they can be enlarged, broken apart, combined, and manipulated without losing any quality in your artwork.

Graphic designers at Cassel Promotions will take your artwork and trace it by hand to provide you with the absolute BEST quality.

Artwork is optimized

Colors are Added or Removed

Once our designers have digitized your artwork; they can add or remove colors. This prepares your artwork for vinyl printed graphics and spot color printing. The benefits of printing with spot color vinyl are:

  • High durability to hold up to harsh environments.
  • Resistant to UV light on sunny days
  • Replaceable graphics in case you need to change a logo or phone number
  • Vibrant colors when you light your CABBIE.
  • Eye-catching results

Your layout is designed

Customer Layout is Prepared

Now that your logo or artwork has been prepared, the skilled designers at Cassel Promotions will maximize your graphics for the best performance [click here for tips from the designers]. We design for visibility so your CABBIE will generate more business.

Once your artwork has been designed, Cassel Promotions will e-mail, fax, or mail you a full color proof so you can suggest changes or approve for production.

Panels are printed

NEW Photo-realistic Printing

All colors are printed using our NEW large format CMYK printer. No need for expensive screen prints. [click here for examplee colors]. This allows for long lasting vibrant colors that are sure to catch the eye of your potential customers.

Final color is applied

Final Output

Once you approve your layout, your CABBIE signs are ready for production. Your sign faces are printed and checked for quality by our staff.

Ready for use

Your Design Applied to your CABBIE

Finally your sign faces are printed, your CABBIE is assembled and each panel is applied by hand to the sign of your choice. Your finished CABBIE is then plugged in to make sure the lighting assembly works. Finally, your sign is carefully packaged and shipped to your residence or business.

Artwork Approval

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