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Custom Logo Designs

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Cassel Promotions has designed many logos and can design yours too! We design multipurpose logos that will be cost effective to reproduce, ledgable from a distance, and pleasing on the eye. For more information, please contact Cassel Promotions and speak with a customer service representive.

Artwork Management

Submit Your Artwork or Logo

All artwork can be e-mailed to Cassel Promotions at

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Having Your Artwork Digitized

Bitmaps are images composed of many many very small pixels. Common Bitmap files have the extension of GIF, TIF, JPG, BMP, and sometimes PSD or EPS. Bitmaps also result when a FAXES, PHOTOGRAPHS, or other printed documents are scanned.

The speedy designers at Cassel Promotions will take any printed, or bitmapped image you submit and convert it to vector graphics. We can then send you your digitized logo for use in other applications. (upon request only)

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