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Choose the colors you want printed on your CABBIE Cartop Sign Are you a franchisee?  We may already have your artwork on file... Tips from the graphic designers at Cassel Promotions Submit your artwork to Cassel Promotions Design your artwork The approval process, from start to finish.


Fax to: 509-747-0170 attn: Art Department

Faxing Directions:

  • Fax Clear Crisp image, as large as possible.
  • Include Cover Letter with: Company Name, Contact Name, phone number, fax number, shipping address, and billing address.
  • Please include on the fax a list of your preferred Colors
    (click here to view available colors for use on CABBIE cartop signs)
  • We suggest you call Cassel Promotions Customer Service to confirm receipt of your faxed artwork. 1-800-729-7769.

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