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Currently Available for all Magnetic Mount Cabbie Cartop Signs. See product page for current pricing

Introducing the NEW Cabbie Sapphire LED Rechargeable Light System. Featuring BRIGHTER Sapphire LED Lights and easy battery access port.

Cabbie Signs featuring the Sapphire Rechargeable LED System turn on AUTOMATICALLY when mounted on top of your driver's vehicle and turn-off automatically when stored vertically or tilted on side.

Cabbie Car Top signs equipped with the Sapphire LED Rechargeable Light Systems allow you to charge your signs when not in use so all your delivery driver has to do is mount the Cabbie Sign to the top of their car to make them light up automcially. No cords, no hassle!

Improved patent-pending design promotes a longer battery life plus a new Smart Battery charger that includes an LED indicator to let you know when the battery is fully charged.


System Currently Available for CABBIE 1, CABBIE 2, and CABBIE XL Cartop Signs.
Magnetic mount only.

Please call 1-800-729-7769 for product details or information how to order.


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