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Cassel Promotions AutoSox USA, Inc. was established in 1987 by Tracy and Sam Cassel for the purposes of creating innovative advertising auto signs, the distribution of promotional products and premium incentives. Both have extensive background in restaurant management and marketing.

2006 Las Vegas Pizza Expo Tradeshow Exhibit

In 1987 the company created the first window-mount auto sign for the food service and delivery industry. At that time, the only options were rooftop signs mounted with gutter-hook straps and suction cups. Amount the problems, late model vehicles were being manufactured without rain gutters. Tracy owned a gourmet sandwich delivery business catering to the downtown business community. He identified with industry objections and developed the window-mount sign as a result of his delivery drivers concern of vehicle roof damage and the loss of several large, custom die-cut magnetic signs. The window-mount design set an industry standard for optional delivery sign installation.

The company's first window-mount auto sign was a lighted, moving windsock called the AutoSox which caught the attention of pizza delivery companies across the country. With a better way to install delivery signs at a breakthrough price, AutoSox USA manufactures a complete new line of retro-shape and custom shape delivery signs. The company was then issued patents for certain window-mount sign improvements.



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